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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

An Enterprise-Minded Impression with iOS 14 after Public Beta 3

Enterprise-Minded Impression

Originally, I was going to write something up about the new MDM controls for iOS, but they just weren’t that compelling. MacOS has some major improvements, but I felt this week we are best served with looking at iOS 14. My review is mainly focused on features that Enterprises care about so no Emojis or […]

Mobile Jon: Moving Onto the Next Level

Whole new world

Since the inception of this blog, it has become very rewarding for me. I never would have guessed that a few rando’s from AirWatch saying “Do you have a blog?” “You should get a blog!” would have turned into something that has been moderately successful for me. My blog has helped me get some great […]

Bending Dell Command Update 3.1 To Your Will

Dell Command Update 3.1

Last April, I took Dell Tech World by storm unveiling the next generation of PC deployment and imaging. Sure, Dell presented this whole Dell Provisioning concept, but I took it and decided that I would push the limits of what it can do. You can read more about that here Dell Provisioning at my current […]

Delivering a Near Zero Touch MacOS Experience with DEP Powered by Workspace ONE

MacOS Experience with DEP

One of the major challenges with MacOS is that DEP is nice, but still requires significant user interaction. With the release of Catalina, things have become a bit easier. VMware Workspace ONE has elevated this to a new level with Workspace ONE UEM 1912 and rotating admin account credentials, delivering stronger security posture. Lets get […]

Optimizing WS1 UEM to Support Corporate PCs and Macs

Optimizing WS1 UEM

Setting the Tone Well, its our first day! Let’s just say stuff is crazy! I’ll admit that my new boss has left me a thing or two to work on…. Time to Get to Work! In Phase 1, we are going to be doing some really special things. You will get to enjoy a number […]

To UAG-finity and Beyond!

UAG-finity and Beyond

Recently, the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 3.6 was released and our fear has come true… UAG is now the Super Edge for VMWare. Content Gateway, Tunnel, and now SEG are all part of the VMWare gateway product. There’s no question that its a very divisive product for true and not so true reasons, but let’s […]

The Art of Adding Apps in VMware Identity Manager

After spending a few years as one of the pioneers of VMWare Identity Manager (VIDM), and speaking about identity a few times there is one thing that people often reach out to me about. They do great if the application is in the catalog, but once they get outside of that things get complicated. I […]

Recapping 5 Huge Sessions at WWDC That Will Shape Mobility in 2019

Recapping 5 Huge Sessions at WWDC

Everyone is talking about the changes in MDM or the keynote, but I wanted to take some time to hit on a few sessions that are especially important to UEM engineers and architects to share some information that could make a huge difference. Were going to cover sessions about security, the new SSO frameworks, networking, […]

Welcome to Modern Device Management 2.0

Modern Device Management 2.0

Introduction Greetings my mobile minions! Recently, the fine people of Dell EMC approached me about speaking at DTW. It’s truly a humbling experience that my speaking engagements at VMWorld and AirWatch Connect have earned me enough respect that people ask me for my insight. I’ve been doing extensive work on Dell’s new provisioning technology which […]