Category: ADHD

Category: ADHD

Workspace ONE Delivery Optimizations are Coming

Recently at VMware Explore, an under-the-radar session about the new cloud native Workspace ONE enhancements took place. This session covered the new enhancements that happened behind the scenes on the platform. Most of what was discussed, was mentioned in this...

Embracing my Neurodiversity at VMware Explore 2023

This year, for the first time in VMworld/VMware Explore history Neurodiversity will be brought to the stage featuring myself, Jon Towles and Philip Monk. To say, we need your support is an understatement. My experience has shown that many companies...

The Parallels between ChatGPT and ADHD

So, you may have heard this little product called ChatGPT appeared in recent months. Well one or two people might have used it and some company might have invested their couch change into it. Anyways, after spending time interacting with...

Toxic Superiority in IT: How it Hurts Us All

It's been awhile since I wrote something with April vacation, a respiratory infection, and life in general. It hasn't helped that VMware has had a pretty quiet release cycle in Q1. An area I have been thinking a lot about...


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