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Mobile Jon: Moving Onto the Next Level

Mobile Jon: Moving Onto the Next Level

Whole new world

Since the inception of this blog, it has become very rewarding for me. I never would have guessed that a few rando’s from AirWatch saying “Do you have a blog?” “You should get a blog!” would have turned into something that has been moderately successful for me. My blog has helped me get some great opportunities, such as:

  • Brought a few clients on board looking for help with deployments or fixing existing issues
  • Multiple speaking engagements at Dell Tech World and VMWorld
  • The opportunity to work with engineers from all around the world and improving their careers by helping them to enhance and advance their environments

A Whole new world

Recently, we made the decision to transition to full-time consulting and move away from the disappointments that were constant as a FTE. My best friend has been pushing me to start our consulting business for years, but my pessimism and fears around starting something from nothing are a reality that so many people deal with today. I’ve been lucky that my wife’s organization has been very successful and affords us the opportunity to try to build something with a single vision/focus: “The Building of a Collective of Mobility Veterans focusing on putting them in the right positions, with the right companies, and the ideal opportunities for growth”

Over the years, one of the things that I have discussed at length is how mobile people do not always have the opportunity to shine for whatever reason you want to use: “people think they just activate iPhones” or its a role that very seldom has dedicated resources. The primary focus will be to help them do what they do best: “Fix stuff!”

who we are

This week, we achieved our VMWare Partner with the Mobility Management Solution Competency, which is something that we are very proud to announce today.

We are just starting out, but the first few steps toward an effective model for us is becoming a VMWare Partner and showing that we are TRUE experts in Mobility Management. We have a team currently of 4-5 between full-time and part-time consultants all with VMWare WorkspaceONE Digital Workspace certifications focusing on several verticals e.g. Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Government, and more. We expect to soon couple this with a WOSB certification to grow our reach as an organization.

We are also proud to announce that we are partnering with a few mobility firms across the country to help them with overflow and building relationships to ensure that all companies large and small have the RIGHT expertise available to be successful not just with VMWare, but with Microsoft, MobileIron, and whoever else they want to use.As a shop, we will also be delivering collaboration services, Office 365 services, and IT training. Our bread and butter is working on deployments that have some gaps and closing them with our hands-on experience and innovation. We don’t follow an archaic manual. We look at each situation with eyes wide open and do whatever it takes to deliver a solid solution.

In Closing

In closing, I cannot say enough about the people that have reached out to me over the last few years. I’m very glad that people have found my content helpful and have reached out for help. This now gives us the opportunity to work with more people directly in an official manner and develop our business into something that helps enhance the work done by all of VMWare’s partners.



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