Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Uncharted Territory: Linux Management in Workspace ONE

An area that is largely uncharted territory in Workspace ONE and many other UEM platforms is Linux Management. In recent months, VMware has extended their Linux Management to include Puppet as a gateway to push commands and invoke all sorts of things on devices. My foray into this is similar to my MacOS deep dives […]

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Windows 365 Boot

The time we have been waiting for over the last year is FINALLY here. Windows 365 Boot has arrived in Public Preview. Today, we are going to cover W365 Boot in depth. We will cover the Intune setup portion, checking out what is under the covers, preparing the physical endpoint, and the cherry on top: […]

Windows 365 on LG WebOS 23: The True Work/Life Balance

Over the last few years, there have been certain buzzwords we cannot escape. Let’s see we have: hybrid work, remote work, work from home, user experience, etc. Work/Life balance isn’t a new concept by any means. Personally, it’s always been an item that I have been dinged for on my reviews for years. Some of […]

The Ultimate Freestyle Orchestrator Workflow: Dell Command Update

I have been writing about Freestyle Orchestrator workflows for a few years. First, I wrote about the introduction to FSO. Next, I went into some great real-world examples with Freestyle Orchestrator. (that honestly had a weak swing at DCU). My last article covered transitioning from products to scripts/workflows. Today’s article is going to be amazing! […]

Microsoft Teams Brings VDI Meeting Health Stats to Windows 365 and More!

Anyone who works in the Enterprise knows that we are constantly the subject of “What did you do?!” Ther e are certain products that take the blame when things go wrong like UEM or VDI. Microsoft has recently released VDI meeting health stats to all VDI platforms, including Windows 365 (includes calls too!) I thought […]