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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Optimizing WS1 UEM to Support Corporate PCs and Macs

Optimizing WS1 UEM to Support Corporate PCs and Macs

Optimizing WS1 UEM

Setting the Tone

Well, its our first day! Let’s just say stuff is crazy! I’ll admit that my new boss has left me a thing or two to work on….

Time to Get to Work!

In Phase 1, we are going to be doing some really special things. You will get to enjoy a number of video tutorials that provide some great insight from years of engineering on the AirWatch/Workspace ONE UEM platform.

We turn our focus to getting Active Directory squared away, which we can get done in a few nice tutorials. I hope you enjoy the ride because it’s going to be a good one!

Directories are Fun Mmm’kay?!

In this section, we will be doing some of the basics like building the directory structure, bringing in users, building groups, and integrating some key infrastructure. This is the lifeblood of any SaaS platform and with some of this guidance I hope M-Corp is setup for success!

Configuring and Optimizing the Directory

Bringing in your initial users and building dynamic user groups

Setting up your Org Group Structure

Setting up your Certificate Authority

Creating your Workspace ONE UEM Building Blocks

Now that the infrastructure is in place, we turn our attention to getting the platform ready for enrollment. We will focus on making sure ONLY the devices we want enrolled CAN enroll, building profiles, and the dynamic smart groups that power the engine that is Workspace ONE!

Setting up your Enrollment Baseline

Configuring your EULA

Creating smart groups

Enhancing your Profiles

Some Final Cleanup/Administration Tasks

This has been such a LONG night making Felonius Gru happy! I hear he has a battalion of minions working somewhere secret, but enough of that for now! Let’s finish things up with a few small administrative tasks that will help set us up for success from the beginning.

Setup SysLog for Actionable Insights

Setting up Role-Based Access Control for Workspace ONE UEM Administrators

Time to Close Things Out

So, we had a very long night, but after some well-thought decisions I am confident in saying this WorkspaceONE UEM thing just might pan out. It takes a ton of effort and time, but with my dedication and dirty looks from my CIO, Felonius I have made some huge strides. He may just keep me around awhile longer!



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