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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy


That first section was a beast! I am so worn out. This new CIO is absolutely killing me! Alas, the job is never quite done is it?! Today, we will be moving onto building on our great work to build a story. Let’s be honest… that’s what the user experience is ALL about.

Let’s get back to work kids!

Sure, I’d rather take a nap, but the big man is really counting on me. We shift our focus in Phase two to the Application Catalog for Windows/MacOS and some basic automation we can use to make the magic happen. Afterwards, we’ll cover deploying a few of the Dell applications which can make your deployment POP!

Time to Automate!

Sure, we all go to conferences like VMWorld right? Don’t we just LOVE how these executives throw up the yearly buzz words like digital workspace, digital transformation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, blah blah BLAH BLAH!

Let’s be real for a second. Automation can be really complicated for some technologies. You have to be a Javascript developer with a background in REST in some companies or a .NET developer in others. I have come up with a few ways that my boss will love on how to automate this pliable platform he has bought so let’s get automating!

Configuring the Intelligent Hub for Windows and MacOS

Building some solid baselines with Product Provisioning

Dell Makes Stuff That Does Things

We’re going to be leveraging some nice investments we made in Support and Service with the fine people of Dell at M-Corp. Some weirdo called MobileJon even talked about it with our CIO at Dell Tech World in April and they bought his load of garbage!

Let’s dig into deploying Dell Apps and building a special foundation with pre-configuring machines at the Dell factory before they even reach our offices! Less work? YES PLEASE!


Building our First Dell Provisioning Package and Unattend

Making Macs Magical with WorkspaceONE

Macs often need a ton of TLC to become something special in the enterprise. M-Corp is no different and their executives expect the very best! On top of that, they bought something called Ente….r…prise Connect from their Apple Sales Guy.. Boy they are PUSHY!! Here’s a great article I found by the way that explains all about it.

So we are going to build a bunch of different things to create a special experience for our Mac users because they are few but they are MIGHTY!

Building the Ultimate Profile for WiFi for MacOS

Creating our first DEP Profiles

Leveraging User Agents to Fill the UEM Gaps

Deploying MacOS Apps to the Intelligent Hub

Building and Deploying Enterprise Connect Profiles

So now we have apps, let’s really make things magical!

Now, we introduce some great customization to the catalog which makes things really pop for our PCs and Macs! On top of that, we’re going to build reports so our M-Corp help desk can make sure people are getting the apps that they need!

Building a Killer Catalog

Leveraging Reports to Bring it All Together

As Phase Two Comes to a Close

Phase One was great, but in this phase we really started doing some compelling things. The basics are always nice, but once you can start driving compelling experiences that reduce help desk calls, simplify enrollment, and bring apps to your users in much simpler ways then you have truly done something.

At the end of the day, its one thing to roll something out, but its something else entirely to build a platform the right way. In the future phases, you are going to see just how excited our CIO is going to be! Party time is coming for Felonius Gru and his team at M-Corp.



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