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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

The Ultimate Freestyle Orchestrator Workflow: Dell Command Update

The Ultimate Freestyle Orchestrator Workflow: Dell Command Update

I have been writing about Freestyle Orchestrator workflows for a few years. First, I wrote about the introduction to FSO. Next, I went into some great real-world examples with Freestyle Orchestrator. (that honestly had a weak swing at DCU). My last article covered transitioning from products to scripts/workflows. Today’s article is going to be amazing! […]

Are Workspace ONE DEEM Surveys a Hit? SURVEY SAYS!

Workspace ONE DEEM Surveys a Hit

One area that I have been very focused on within the last few months is the Digital Employee Experience (DEEM) and if VMware can overtake some of the ControlUp stuff that people are doing. Most people know about my Workspace ONE articles around DEEM on MacOS and DEEM in general. Recently, our friends at VMware […]

Real-World Examples of Freestyle Orchestrator Solutions in the Field

Real-World Examples of Freestyle

A little over a year ago, I wrote an introduction into Freestyle Orchestrator. With my upcoming session at EUC Day, “Conducting a UEM Symphony Powered by Freestyle Orchestrator” coming up on February 17th at 11 EST, I thought it was time to update everyone on things. Let’s cover a few of the use cases that […]

A Deep Dive into Windows 10 Sensors in Workspace ONE UEM

Deep Dive into Windows 10

The world of Windows 10 and Modern Management in Workspace ONE UEM can be a daunting one. I’ve done some decent writing around Windows 10 like my article on Lessons Learned. One of the areas that I don’t see used nearly enough are Windows 10 Sensors, which Josue Negron/Brooks Peppin and the rest of the […]

The Spirit of the Anywhere Workspace

The Spirit of the Anywhere Workspace

Tomorrow, I have the great pleasure of speaking at the VMware Anywhere Workspace event. I thought about the “Anywhere Workspace” and believe we could look at the idea and demystify its intention. We will discuss what encompasses the Anywhere Workspace and how you can apply the concepts in your user experience journey. What is the […]

Dropship to Home Provisioning has FINALLY Arrived

Test Device to Autopilot

A few weeks ago, we discussed how Dropship to Home Provisioning was on its way. Workspace ONE 2102 has started to rollout and now we can finally talk about how to complete the setup and test Dropship to Home Provisioning. We will take some time and cover how to import a device, configuring the cloud […]