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Are Workspace ONE DEEM Surveys a Hit? SURVEY SAYS!

Are Workspace ONE DEEM Surveys a Hit? SURVEY SAYS!

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Workspace ONE DEEM Surveys a Hit

One area that I have been very focused on within the last few months is the Digital Employee Experience (DEEM) and if VMware can overtake some of the ControlUp stuff that people are doing. Most people know about my Workspace ONE articles around DEEM on MacOS and DEEM in general. Recently, our friends at VMware introduced a great new feature. DEEM Surveys. So let’s talk about this and see what they survey says!

What are Workspace ONE DEEM Surveys?

DEEM Surveys as you can see below are built on the Workspace ONE notification service. You can collect user feedback about apps, remediate actions, devices, and much more. This enables you to visualize responses and finding into a single place to get a proper understanding of how things impact your company.

A major part of the digital employee experience is not just being reactive, but also being proactive by collecting data to make informed decisions. DEEM surveys let you do exactly that. In the totality of the digital employee experience, it’s crucial to make decisions and shift to potential issues/changes that may occur.

How to Setup and Enable Surveys in Workspace ONE Intelligence

You will see in the video below how to do your initial onboarding of surveys in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

The setup itself is fairly straight-forward. You just need to provision hub services for this and then create a collection of questions that will be presented in the survey, which is similar to the onboarding setup I displayed at VMworld 2021.

The Types of Questions You Can Use for Surveys

Surveys comes with these ones out of the box:

You can also create your own questions with various question types:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Net Promoter Score (That means rate it from 0-10)
  • Free-form Text

Sometimes simple is best and I think this is one of those examples. It works similarly to Microsoft Forms and all that really matters is that proper data aggregation. By collecting data and pulling it together, you can use it to make good decisions. I hope eventually they will have some automation around it e.g. based on a score you will be able to automatically create ServiceNow tickets as an example.

User Experience Demo of Workspace ONE Intelligence Surveys on iOS

User Experience Demo of Workspace ONE Intelligence Surveys on Windows 10

Checking Out Survey Data in Workspace ONE Intelligence

Remember how I was saying hopefully we can use that survey data to automate things? Well, you can indeed do that!

You can see in this screenshot below, you have a “Results” tab which shows you the results of your survey questions:

Check out the video below how to make surveys your EUC Rockstar superpower by creating organic automations based off survey results to elevate your user experience.

My Impressions So Far on Surveys

I think one of the true compelling things about any technology is how immersive it can be with our day-to-day lives. DEEM is a product with immense potential. I think the biggest challenge is getting people to shift away from their current platforms and give VMware a chance to do something special.

Everything is about the ecosystem when it comes to end user experience. You can’t just put a single toe in. You need to immerse yourself in a platform whether its Microsoft, VMware, whoever. The surveys are another example of VMware making some good investments and choices from a product management level. However, surveys definitely misses on some pretty obvious notes.

Surveys cannot display properly on a mobile device and that is a major problem. You know Apple has this whole UI thing that works well with auto-sizing and manipulation of content to solve these problems. It saddens me considering overall the rest of the product is a great offering. My hope is since this is a 1.0 that it will have some major improvements coming. The last of variables for automations is another issue, but I hope that similar to Freestyle Orchestrator they will make the right choices quickly. Any product is only as good as its product team after all.



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