The First Chapter of the Digital Workspace VMUG Journey in the Books

The First Chapter of the Digital Workspace VMUG Journey in the Books

Digital Workspace Journey

The Digital Workspace VMUG journey has started. As I wrote about recently, this journey which was driven by a conversation between myself and Brad Tompkins about what it feels like being a UEM guy (by trade) and how I often burden myself to be the voice of the voiceless in my niche part of the IT galaxy.

Either way, today we had our first session which went better than I expected. We had 60+ people show up (60% of the sign-ups) which I cannot complain about. We had some great engagement with a number of solid questions.

You can see how lucky we were with panelists like this below:

Either way, I feel great about the direction we’re going in. Check out the video in the next section to see our VMUG Session hosted from my YouTube Channel:

Digital Workspace VMUG Session Video

Final Thoughts

We would love to continue to see more people sign-up and join. You can join here. We are looking for speakers for our next session, which I am targeting for the June/July timeframe. We especially want to see some first-time speaking talent because the only way we grow is together. I also hope people will attend VMware Explore in August so they can join the Digital Workspace VMUG Dinner Event, which will be amazing! I hope everyone enjoys the video and feel free to reach out if you have questions/feedback/thoughts on our initial VMUG meeting.



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