Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking a Session

On average, VMworld or VMware Explore has attracted over 20,000 people per year. That is not a small number by any means. When it comes to the landscape of sessions presented at their conference every year, there are very few sessions that are not VMware-driven. A Mobile Jon-led session is something special. I recently wrote about my upcoming speaking opportunity, which is my first one in person since 2018.

Additionally, most of the content is obviously geared toward large enterprises. I would say in my experience that we do not often get a ton of opportunity to see how a small or medium business can be transformative. My session EUSB1580US is an outlier, which we will discuss in more detail. Well see what your options are in my time slot and why you should CHOOSE ME.

The Competition

For the most part, I will just focus on sessions around the Hybrid Workforce (the vertical that Im in). The sessions there are:

  • Delivering Amazing Employee Experiences with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub [EUSB2019US]
  • Next-Generation Hybrid DaaS Architecture What’s New with Horizon Cloud [EUSB2138US]
  • Improve Remote Work Experience With Last-Mile Monitoring From ControlUp [EUS2540USS]
  • Explore Everything with the Workspace ONE Marketplace [DES1966US]

Im not going to waste peoples time who arent EUC-focused. Sure, you will have no interest in what I have to say if youre a vSphere or vSAN or NSX person.

There are some really interesting sessions at the same time as my own, such as the design session for Workspace ONE or the Employee Experiences session. So, the question is what sort of questions should you ask when picking a session.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking a Session

One of the things that I do when asking myself What Session Do I Choose? Is make a basic list off questions like this:

  • Is somebody trying to sell me something?
  • Do they have real world experience?
  • Is this all VMware people?
  • Are the presenters marketing guys or are they technologists?
  • Does this apply to what I do?
  • What do I know about the speakers?
  • Is this session repeated at other times?

The questions are honestly super valid. This isnt about me trying to say these people suck, come see me! Honestly, its about identifying what really matters to me.

Lets analyze quickly the other sessions I mentioned earlier and apply this simple exercise.

  • EUSB2019US has our friends Vox Mobile, which are a consulting company so yeah theyre trying to sell us on an idea. The good news is they have plenty of real-world experience, but they still have a motive.
  • EUSB2138US is a topic people are really into right now. Hybrid DaaS and Horizon Cloud. This session also has a customer as a speaker, which is nice but theyre a SVP/CIO so Im not sure they will add much to the technical content itself. A good story is great, but not something Im too interested in.
  • EUS2540USS is a marketing session from ControlUp. I think that just comes down if youre a customer of theirs or not. Not my cup of tea. If I want to check out vendors, thats what the Expo is for.
  • DES1966US is the last of my competitor sessions. I do really dig the design sessions and I consider this to be my main competitor. But guess what?! It has 3 other sessions so stick to that! I cant have too much of an opinion on this one since I dont know who is running it.

So, I think the proof is in the pudding. The sessions that are at the same time as me just arent that compelling. So why choose Mobile Jon?

Why Should You Pick Me?!

This article by design is short and sweet. I wanted to point out some of the intangibles that you get with me as a speaker. People dont often speak enough about why they matter.

For those of you who arent aware, Im a neuro-diverse person (ADHD) and that comes with some great super powers. I wrote about this quite a bit. So, with those super powers this is what you will get out of me as a speaker:

  • Unapologetically unfiltered
  • True real world experience as an administration, engineer, architect, and consultant
  • An established expert in all facets of End User Computing
  • The TOP Workspace ONE Evangelist
  • Someone that isnt looking for anything
  • A teacher and advocate for other admins, engineers, and architects
  • Technology agnostic
  • Truly only cares about the problem
  • Genuine
  • Not in marketing

Im someone who is always honest and deals in facts. That is my brand as Mobile Jon and I believe in being engaging and helpful. I dedicate hundreds of hours per year towards helping others and that is why I came to VMware Explore. I want to share my journey and show how any company can deliver a compelling experience period.

Why You Should Be Excited About My Session

So what actually makes my session different?

My session is so much more than a VMware session. I will be showcasing three other 3rd party technologies that are NOT VMware. As a technologist, I identified that there are some gaps and thats okay.

Nothing is perfect, which we showcase how to build the ideal user experience for our people with pieces that fit well together. A proper fit is essential to delivering a great experience, which we can do at our small company as good as any enterprise.

Final Thoughts

As I had mentioned, this article is short and sweet. I think Ive made my point. If you work with Workspace ONE UEM or own it, a Mobile Jon-curated session is the best thing you can do at VMware Explore. You get a true opportunity to Explore your thoughts and ideas with Mobile Jon.

You also get speaker who loves being challenged and questioned at any point during my session. When I speak, I lead a conversation instead of just speaking at you. I love the challenge of having an open conversation and being able to speak to anything in my space without losing a breath. Come and see me in less than 3 weeks at VMware Explore!



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