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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Outlook for MacOS Finally Gets a Makeover

Outlook for MacOS

Recently, as I wrote about in my Ignite Article, Microsoft is finally giving Outlook for MacOS some proper TLC. It’s no secret that Microsoft Apps on MacOS are a bit of a poop show. It’s great news that they have made some major improvements. I thought it would be good to take a walk through […]

Lessons Learned with O365 Information Rights Management

Lessons Learned with O365

Information Rights Management (IRM) is one of those lovely buzz words we hear at conferences. The idea is simple: “encrypt and apply permissions to a file and follow that file no matter where it goes.” The idea is great especially with Office 365 where most of your content lives. We are going to talk about […]

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2020 Showdown

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2020 Showdown

Those who frequent my blog are familiar with my multiple articles over the years comparing Boxer and Outlook. First, we will cover a bit of history. I was working in the DoD many years ago and I was struggling with s/MIME because Apple doesn’t check certificate revocation. The only solution that could meet these needs […]

Boxer vs Outlook for iOS: The Match of the Century

Introduction Over the last year or so, I have been going back and forth on what the best mail app is on iOS. For awhile it was Boxer because of terrifying security risks with the Outlook App and then back to Outlook after Boxer decided to stop working properly with notifications. Thanks to the product […]

Deep Dive into the Mobile Outlook Client

Hi Everyone! As I have written in other blog posts, the frustration of working with an unmanaged aka app-level managed email client can be a real challenge today. The first problem (being fair) is that most of them suck. It’s truly amusing how people after the fact think Good for Enterprise (GFE) was the greatest […]