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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

The one article that every Windows 365 evangelist needs is building custom images. Arguably, its one of the most important aspects to your Windows 365 deployment. That Windows 365 custom image will set the tone for your entire user experience. Today, we will cover building the custom image and deploying it via provisioning policies. Creating […]

Elevating your Workspace ONE DEEM Rollout with Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center

Elevating your Workspace

Recently, I wrote an article about how Workspace ONE’s DEEM offering can really elevate your user experience. This week, we are going to discuss a great partner in the DEEM journey with the new Office 365 Apps Portal, which has grown quite a bit and is replacing the old legacy Telemetry Service. Elevating the modern […]

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2021 Face Off

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2021 Face Off

Last year, we revisited Boxer vs. Outlook on iOS to see where they stack up. I know #COVID and all, but let’s see if they caught up at all or if Outlook is distancing themselves further on the race for the top email client on iOS. We will recap email, calendar, contacts, ActiveSync, user experience, […]

Why Microsoft Planner is an EUC Architect’s Best Friend

EUC Architect’s Best Friend

Collaboration isn’t just a 13-letter word. In EUC, we need to work together effectively. Far too often we straddle the fence between multiple departments and need to work together. Additionally, we need to organize our thoughts, plan enhancements for the technology we own, and build a great reference point for our achievements. Even if you […]

Workspace ONE Boxer Unifies Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management

As of late, I’ve been focusing a bit on Workspace ONE Boxer with some appealing new features early in 2021. Finally, I’m happy to report Enterprise Content has REALLY been introduced. Sure it’s been there for awhile, but it was more small business content. Joking aside, we’re going to talk about what Mobile Content Management […]

Introducing Multiple Managed Accounts and Delegation with Workspace ONE Boxer

Multiple Managed Accounts

When we think about the evolution of mobile email and remote work, we can see that expectations are shifting. One of those crucial areas is around delegation and an elevated level of management. Today, we focus on a few key areas that are crucial for business users: (1) email and calendar delegation and (2) support […]

Evaluating Intune against Workspace ONE UEM: Windows Edition

UEM Core

Earlier this year, I wrote a very highly regarded article comparing Intune against Workspace ONE UEM which has gone on to be my top article ever. I’m proud to announce a 3-part series on evaluating Intune against Workspace ONE UEM focusing on Windows, which is really hot right now with Microsoft Endpoint becoming a major […]

Outlook for MacOS Finally Gets a Makeover

Outlook for MacOS

Recently, as I wrote about in my Ignite Article, Microsoft is finally giving Outlook for MacOS some proper TLC. It’s no secret that Microsoft Apps on MacOS are a bit of a poop show. It’s great news that they have made some major improvements. I thought it would be good to take a walk through […]

Workspace ONE and Intune Integration is FINALLY Coming

Workspace ONE and Intune Integration

I think it was a year or two ago when the long-desired integration between Intune and 3rd party MDMs was announced for VMware’s Workspace ONE. The concept is simple: use Workspace ONE’s Zero Trust Security concepts to feed Azure conditional access. It’s a very desirable culmination, which doesn’t force you to switch MDMs (much harder […]

Lessons Learned with O365 Information Rights Management

Lessons Learned with O365

Information Rights Management (IRM) is one of those lovely buzz words we hear at conferences. The idea is simple: “encrypt and apply permissions to a file and follow that file no matter where it goes.” The idea is great especially with Office 365 where most of your content lives. We are going to talk about […]