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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Category: tools

Category: tools

Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

The one article that every Windows 365 evangelist needs is building custom images. Arguably, its one of the most important aspects to your Windows 365 deployment. That Windows 365 custom image will set the tone for your entire user experience....

Deep Dive into Windows 365 APIs

As I wrote about recently, Windows 365 has a deep set of capabilities. Anytime you manage a platform, you should be thinking about how can I extend/push the limit of the platform. The answer to that almost every time will...

Filling the Gaps in Workspace ONE Access Audit Logs

SIEM/SysLog integrations are one of the most important things in defending Cyber Attacks today, which provides intelligence to large organizations. One of the few VMware products that is lacking in that area is WS1 Access. Over the last year or...

The New and Exciting VMware ONE UAG 22.09

Every now and then the VMware UAG or Unified Access Gateway puts out something fun. This week, UAG 2209 is delivering some interesting new capabilities. The last time I covered some of these new features was for 2106 a year...

Enhancing your SSL Security in Workspace ONE UEM

Recently, I went through an exercise of tweaking ciphers for a few components in Workspace ONE. I realized that VMware hasn't done a great job documenting how to tweak SSL settings for some of their services. Today, we will cover...

Lessons Learned with UAG Deployments for Workspace ONE

The VMware Workspace ONE Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has continued to ramp up for VMware customers everywhere. We all need them now for our WS1 infrastructure whether its Horizon, VMware Tunnel, SEG, or Content Gateway. I've continued to see many...

Filling the Gaps in MacOS Management

As I recently wrote in my widely popular article on evaluating Workspace ONE against Intune on MacOS, you can deliver effective MacOS management and design without JAMF. We all know that JAMF is the gold standard, but how can you...


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