Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Uncharted Territory: Linux Management in Workspace ONE

An area that is largely uncharted territory in Workspace ONE and many other UEM platforms is Linux Management. In recent months, VMware has extended their Linux Management to include Puppet as a gateway to push commands and invoke all sorts of things on devices. My foray into this is similar to my MacOS deep dives […]

The Ultimate Freestyle Orchestrator Workflow: Dell Command Update

I have been writing about Freestyle Orchestrator workflows for a few years. First, I wrote about the introduction to FSO. Next, I went into some great real-world examples with Freestyle Orchestrator. (that honestly had a weak swing at DCU). My last article covered transitioning from products to scripts/workflows. Today’s article is going to be amazing! […]

Windows 365 Frontline: Closing the Gap between Cloud PCs and Traditional VDI

One of the arguments against Windows 365 is “but they don’t have non-persistent desktops” or “it’s just a persistent desktop” whatever. Windows 365 Frontline is here to solve a major problem. We will cover today about what Windows 365 Frontline is, building Windows 365 Provisioning Policies, setting some configurations for Frontline, and the user experience. […]

Microsoft Remote Help: Your Windows 365 Companion

Windows 365 is starting to step up its game in 2023. Over the last few weeks, we got the Windows 365 app into production, MMR into production, hardware acceleration for the web client, and much more. Another major aspect to Windows 365 at scale is being able to support users. Today, we will be talking […]

Workspace ONE Marketplace: Freestyle, Templates, and More!

This past year at VMware Explore, we received a demo of the Workspace ONE Marketplace led by people like Shawn Bass and the recently departed Brian Link. In retrospect, they probably undersold the part of this that really matters (Freestyle Orchestrator’s debut into WS1 Intelligence). Recently, VMware has released the Marketplace, which I have done […]

A Call for Community for the VMware Digital Workspace

The Mobile Jon blog has been known for a few things over the 5 years it has existed. One example is Workspace ONE vs. Intune articles. Another example and the reason for this article today is my writing about career development. I’ve written a few articles about the Life of a Mobility Engineer and its […]