Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

WWDC 2022 Brings Amazing iOS and MacOS Zero Trust Capabilities.

We all enjoy watching the exciting stuff around WWDC like new Macs, iOS 16 consumer features, etc, but some stuff is not as noticeable. Apple is addressing a few crucial enterprise concerns, which is what we will be talking about today. Features like endpoint security and attestation are becoming staples of the security industry. Zero […]

Mobile Jon’s 7 Interesting Things at WWDC 2022

Well it’s that time of year again! I am no stranger to writing about stuff that I like at WWDC. after writing a ton about Declarative Device Management, which I am still waiting for Workspace ONE to implement. I also last recapped WWDC in 2019. This year, my focus in primarily on capabilities within the […]

MacOS: The Digital Employee Experience (DEEM) at a Glance for Workspace ONE

Awhile back, I wrote about how Workspace ONE’s Digital Employee Experience (DEEM) can elevate your user experience. Today, we shift to MacOS which is recently GA. We will cover how to deploy and package the MacOS DEEM client, discuss the various dashboard widgets you can use, and show you how some of this data is […]

No API to Block that Pesky MacOS Service? Workspace ONE to the Rescue!

So, you are getting slammed by your nonsensical InfoSec department with their irrational fears? You spend some time doing some research and you’re just so screwed! MacOS won’t let you remove httpd? You can’t block this or that? Who you gonna call? Workspace ONE to the rescue! This week we turn our attention to something […]

Taking a Look at Apple Business Essentials for Small and Medium Business

Apple has finally done it. They finally released a MDM called Apple Business Essentials, which I had been waiting for a very long time to happen going back to my BlackBerry days. Previously, I discussed Managed Apple IDs. Today, we will spend some time together looking at what is available in the Beta. We’re going […]

Filling the Gaps in MacOS Management

As I recently wrote in my widely popular article on evaluating Workspace ONE against Intune on MacOS, you can deliver effective MacOS management and design without JAMF. We all know that JAMF is the gold standard, but how can you close that gap? It’s not easy, but with some help you can secure, deliver, and […]

Evaluating Intune against Workspace ONE UEM: MacOS Edition

My blog has become the gold standard of evaluating Workspace ONE and Intune. My most famous article which has had north of 5K views in the last year took an unbiased look at these two great platforms. Today, we will look at MacOS, which has been a request by a number of people since my […]