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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Enhancing your SSL Security in Workspace ONE UEM

Enhancing your SSL Security

Recently, I went through an exercise of tweaking ciphers for a few components in Workspace ONE. I realized that VMware hasn’t done a great job documenting how to tweak SSL settings for some of their services. Today, we will cover how to address SSL security for 3 services: Unified Access Gateway, Workspace ONE Access Connectors, […]

VMware Forklift: Supersize your Change Management Strategy in Workspace ONE

VMware Forklift

One of my top 5 worst weekends in my IT career was courtesy of SaaS Ops at AirWatch. When I worked for Wellington Management, we bought a dedicated SaaS environment and refused to migrate the database/settings/or anything really over to the new environment. So what did Mobile Jon do? I spent several several several hours […]

Applying the Agile Methodology to the Modern Workplace

Agile Methodology

Next month, I have the pleasure of speaking at the VMware Anywhere Workplace Event. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the Agile Methodology and how it could apply to the Modern Workplace. We will talk about what Agile is at a high-level, how it applies to […]

Evaluating Intune against Workspace ONE UEM: MacOS Edition

MacOS Edition

My blog has become the gold standard of evaluating Workspace ONE and Intune. My most famous article which has had north of 5K views in the last year took an unbiased look at these two great platforms. Today, we will look at MacOS, which has been a request by a number of people since my […]

Dropship to Home Provisioning has FINALLY Arrived

Test Device to Autopilot

A few weeks ago, we discussed how Dropship to Home Provisioning was on its way. Workspace ONE 2102 has started to rollout and now we can finally talk about how to complete the setup and test Dropship to Home Provisioning. We will take some time and cover how to import a device, configuring the cloud […]

Getting Ready for Dropship to Home Provisioning with Workspace ONE

Windows Autopilot

Recently, our friends at VMware announced the new features in Workspace ONE UEM 2102. One of the many ones that jumped out at me is Autopilot Integration. This is a new way to enhance Workspace ONE Dropship Provisioning for our remote workforce that I am calling “Dropship to Home Provisioning” which will let you connect […]

It’s Time to Redefine End User Computing

Redefine End User Computing

I think we should get this out of the way: “You probably aren’t going to like this article or agree with my view on EUC.” Now, we can have a real talk. The bucket that is known as End User Computing is becoming a bit out of control. It sort of reminds me of when […]

Workspace ONE Boxer Unifies Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management

As of late, I’ve been focusing a bit on Workspace ONE Boxer with some appealing new features early in 2021. Finally, I’m happy to report Enterprise Content has REALLY been introduced. Sure it’s been there for awhile, but it was more small business content. Joking aside, we’re going to talk about what Mobile Content Management […]