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Well this is my first post, on my first blog, ever… So now that’s over with.

I’m Jon Towles and I’m not sure why I’m here. I was a retail manager for a decade, got really lucky and wound up working in the great state of Texas for BlackBerry Premiere Support AKA DART. That was the start of my meteoric rise in the mobility industry. Today, somehow I own all of mobility for a well-respected financial firm in Boston, MA.

I think the main reason I decided to write this blog is that I tinker a lot and I never settle for “just ok.” I am a little crazy and I don’t rest until everything I own sparkles of perfection. I constantly evaluate and re-evaluate things. I learned early in my career and somewhat at MITLL (MIT Lincoln Labs) that if words are coming out of my mouth then I better be right or someone will correct me. I think a lot of my constant evaluations of environments and the way that I can optimize mobility technology can really help others out there. Some people have urged me to write and talk and show people who things work and can be improved. I’d say I have the experience and the skill to write critically as I authored somewhere in the area of 40+ articles while at BlackBerry.

You will find that in the near future that I will write on several various topics in the mobile industry covering many verticals (Mobile Architecture, Development, my insights on various MDM vendors, Identity Management, and the stuff in between). I only have one goal and that’s to pass along the things that I have learned in a more accurate and effective manner than support teams are giving people today. Support in the mobility information has truly become a world of misinformation, half-truths, and guesses instead of based on empirical evidence. People don’t know what Wireshark, Fiddler, Event Viewer, MFCMapi and the many other tools are. The answers are out there and you truly just need to know where to look…



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