Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Workspace ONE Login Risk Score: The REAL Starting Point of Zero Trust

In our business now, we cannot escape the buzz word of all buzz words (Zero Trust). It truly is the “One Ring” to rule them all. Today, we’re here to introduce the gatekeeper of Zero Trust at the Edge known as “Login Risk Score.” I’ve written about my view of Zero Trust just like everyone […]

Extending Okta Accounts to Workspace ONE via Just-in-Time Provisioning

This just in… It’s 2022!! Being 2022, we need to leave products and SCCM behind. I have been decrying this sentiment for years. Many customers are using Okta’s Universal Directory and their HRIS as a source of truth. With that in mind, Okta Provisioning is an interesting concept for these scenarios. Workspace ONE typically requires […]

There’s More than One Way to Skin… Workspace ONE MFA

A year ago, I wrote about a new offering that VMware has called “Workspace ONE Hub MFA“, which is truly a major departure from VMware Verify and all of its nonsense. Recently, VMware has released a more modern approach to the program with “Authenticator App” following the vein of many SaaS platforms conforming to how […]