Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

The First Chapter of the Digital Workspace VMUG Journey in the Books

The Digital Workspace VMUG journey has started. As I wrote about recently, this journey which was driven by a conversation between myself and Brad Tompkins about what it feels like being a UEM guy (by trade) and how I often burden myself to be the voice of the voiceless in my niche part of the […]

Building and Deploying Horizon Apps with App Volumes on Horizon Cloud Next-Gen

At VMware Explore last year, VMware announced their Horizon Cloud Next-Gen platform. With Horizon Cloud Next-Gen finally arriving, many of us are starting to look at it with the huge reductions in costs and need to deliver more progressive and exciting experiences. This is part one of a three part series covering Next-Gen, where we […]

Guess Who’s Baaack?! at (VMworld)ware Explore!!

Four long years ago, I made my VMworld debut as I wrote about in a past article. It was a pretty crazy ride, which is where we will start this VMware Explore article talking about how VMworld gave birth to Mobile Jon. We will segue into talking about what my experiences have been with VMworld […]

MTD Faceoff: WS1 UEM MTD vs. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Last week, we debuted Workspace ONE UEM MTD Powered by Lookout. Outside of it being a very exciting feature set, we had some asking for a comparison of that platform against Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. We covered that product about a year ago here, which is another player in the Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) market. […]

WWDC 2022 Brings Amazing iOS and MacOS Zero Trust Capabilities.

We all enjoy watching the exciting stuff around WWDC like new Macs, iOS 16 consumer features, etc, but some stuff is not as noticeable. Apple is addressing a few crucial enterprise concerns, which is what we will be talking about today. Features like endpoint security and attestation are becoming staples of the security industry. Zero […]

Workspace ONE Tunnel Standalone Mode: Powering the BYOD Story for Windows and MacOS

Something that has been in the works for quite awhile is bringing the Tunnel to a full BYOD presence in the enterprise. The idea is pretty simple. App-Level Management is pretty sexy isn’t it? Users are super privacy-focused and Unified Endpoint Management needs to learn to shift to these growing needs. VMware has done this […]

Are Workspace ONE DEEM Surveys a Hit? SURVEY SAYS!

One area that I have been very focused on within the last few months is the Digital Employee Experience (DEEM) and if VMware can overtake some of the ControlUp stuff that people are doing. Most people know about my Workspace ONE articles around DEEM on MacOS and DEEM in general. Recently, our friends at VMware […]

MacOS: The Digital Employee Experience (DEEM) at a Glance for Workspace ONE

Awhile back, I wrote about how Workspace ONE’s Digital Employee Experience (DEEM) can elevate your user experience. Today, we shift to MacOS which is recently GA. We will cover how to deploy and package the MacOS DEEM client, discuss the various dashboard widgets you can use, and show you how some of this data is […]

Real-World Examples of Freestyle Orchestrator Solutions in the Field

A little over a year ago, I wrote an introduction into Freestyle Orchestrator. With my upcoming session at EUC Day, “Conducting a UEM Symphony Powered by Freestyle Orchestrator” coming up on February 17th at 11 EST, I thought it was time to update everyone on things. Let’s cover a few of the use cases that […]