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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

New Best Friends: Windows 365 and VMware Horizon

New Best Friends: Windows 365 and VMware Horizon

On Monday, VMware and Microsoft officially kicked off a foundational public preview that was announced almost a year ago: The Windows 365 and VMware Horizon integration that would bring “stuff” to Windows 365. We weren’t really sure what “stuff” that would be. Now, we know that some of those things are: Today, we will show […]

Windows 365 Switch Overview

Windows 365 Switch: Time to Switch Things Up!

Yesterday, Windows 365 Switch hit the public preview stage via the Beta and Dev Channels. The 2nd of the “Big 3” for Windows 365 in Windows 365 Boot, Windows 365 Switch, and Windows 365 Beachmode (Offline Mode). Another great advancement on the Cloud PC platform, which we will discuss today. I will show you how […]

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Windows 365 Boot

Mobile Jon's Guide to Windows 365 Boot

The time we have been waiting for over the last year is FINALLY here. Windows 365 Boot has arrived in Public Preview. Today, we are going to cover W365 Boot in depth. We will cover the Intune setup portion, checking out what is under the covers, preparing the physical endpoint, and the cherry on top: […]

Windows 365 on LG WebOS 23: The True Work/Life Balance

Windows 365: The True Work/Life Balance

Over the last few years, there have been certain buzzwords we cannot escape. Let’s see we have: hybrid work, remote work, work from home, user experience, etc. Work/Life balance isn’t a new concept by any means. Personally, it’s always been an item that I have been dinged for on my reviews for years. Some of […]

Microsoft Teams Brings VDI Meeting Health Stats to Windows 365 and More!

Microsoft Teams Brings VDI Meeting Health Stats to Windows 365 and More!

Anyone who works in the Enterprise knows that we are constantly the subject of “What did you do?!” Ther e are certain products that take the blame when things go wrong like UEM or VDI. Microsoft has recently released VDI meeting health stats to all VDI platforms, including Windows 365 (includes calls too!) I thought […]

Windows 365 Frontline: Closing the Gap between Cloud PCs and Traditional VDI

Windows 365 Frontline

One of the arguments against Windows 365 is “but they don’t have non-persistent desktops” or “it’s just a persistent desktop” whatever. Windows 365 Frontline is here to solve a major problem. We will cover today about what Windows 365 Frontline is, building Windows 365 Provisioning Policies, setting some configurations for Frontline, and the user experience. […]

Pushing Microsoft Hosted Networks (MHNs) to the Limits for Windows 365

Pushing Microsoft Hosted Networks

Recently, once I started down the inevitable reality of custom images I started thinking more about the security model of Windows 365 and its flexibility. Most of the Windows 365 bloggers/evangelists focus on larger enterprises and their multitude of moneys. I focus more on the SMB (Small and Medium Business). Today, we’re going to discuss […]

Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

The one article that every Windows 365 evangelist needs is building custom images. Arguably, its one of the most important aspects to your Windows 365 deployment. That Windows 365 custom image will set the tone for your entire user experience. Today, we will cover building the custom image and deploying it via provisioning policies. Creating […]

Microsoft Remote Help: Your Windows 365 Companion

Your Windows 365 Companion

Windows 365 is starting to step up its game in 2023. Over the last few weeks, we got the Windows 365 app into production, MMR into production, hardware acceleration for the web client, and much more. Another major aspect to Windows 365 at scale is being able to support users. Today, we will be talking […]

Deep Dive into Windows 365 APIs

Windows 365 API

As I wrote about recently, Windows 365 has a deep set of capabilities. Anytime you manage a platform, you should be thinking about how can I extend/push the limit of the platform. The answer to that almost every time will be the API. Today, we will take a look at the exposed Windows APIs and […]