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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking a Session

On average, VMworld or VMware Explore has attracted over 20,000 people per year. That is not a small number by any means. When it comes to the landscape of sessions presented at their conference every year, there are very few sessions that are not VMware-driven. A Mobile Jon-led session is something special. I recently wrote […]

Guess Who’s Baaack?! at (VMworld)ware Explore!!

Mobile Jon's back at (VMworld)ware Explore!!

Four long years ago, I made my VMworld debut as I wrote about in a past article. It was a pretty crazy ride, which is where we will start this VMware Explore article talking about how VMworld gave birth to Mobile Jon. We will segue into talking about what my experiences have been with VMworld […]

My Journey and Vision to Presenting at VMWorld 2018

Hello Virtual Friends! As I sit here on the majestic JetBlue flight to Vegas, I have been pondering what should I write to pass the time as I reflect and prepare for one of the most pivotal moments of my career. I came from humble beginnings that logical should not have me as a key […]