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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Mobile Jon’s Top 5 Sessions for VMware Explore 2023

Mobile Jon's Top 5 Sessions for VMware Explore 2023

Well everyone, we are just about one month from VMware Explore 2023 in VEGAS BABY! With that in mind, I recently talked about one of my sessions at VMware Explore all about Neurodiversity. Today, I want to hit on 5 amazing sessions that I am legit excited about since that’s what everyone else is doing […]

VMware Aria: Mastering the Control of Your Hybrid Cloud

Mastering the Control of Your Hybrid Cloud

As you saw/will see today, the amalgamation of infrastructure that encompasses your vSphere environment, VMware Cloud, AWS, etc can be very complex. VMware Aria is your companion to support that journey. We have a major challenge in front of us that covers a few key areas: I think Purnima says it really well. Among those […]

Workspace ONE Hub MFA: Delivering Seamless MFA into the UEM Ecosystem

Workspace ONE Hub MFA

For those who have been using VMware Identity Manager for quite some time, we are familiar with VMware Verify, which was built on the Twilio/Authy API to deliver MFA. We also saw my article recently on the Duo integration, which is another spin on leveraging MFA. VMware recently released Workspace ONE Hub MFA, which advances […]

Deep Dive into WS1 UEM Components on the UAG

WS1 UEM Components

Welcome Back! About a year ago, I wrote an article that I really enjoyed found here for a number of reasons. My son had just been born and I decided to build my first ever home lab. I learned a ton during that process and one of the things that I decided to take on […]

Mobile Jon: Moving Onto the Next Level

Whole new world

Since the inception of this blog, it has become very rewarding for me. I never would have guessed that a few rando’s from AirWatch saying “Do you have a blog?” “You should get a blog!” would have turned into something that has been moderately successful for me. My blog has helped me get some great […]

Lessons Learned in Workspace ONE Windows 10 Management

Workspace ONE Windows 10 Management

So, I’ve surpassed roughly a year since I started down the path of Windows Management. Going back a year or so ago when VMWare made their huge Dell Provisioning Announcement, then speaking at Dell Tech World, and starting a major transformation at my company…things have been “interesting” I’m going to take you down the path […]

A Case Study: Is Workspace ONE UEM the “More Cowbell” of UEM?

A Case Study Workspace ONE UEM

The phrase “More Cowbell” is well known to us all by 2019 and the truly special skit from Saturday Night Live. The idea is.. that we are “lacking something” in our lives and there is just one cure! MORE COWBELL! On a more serious note, we have used many MDM platforms over the years from […]

To UAG-finity and Beyond!

UAG-finity and Beyond

Recently, the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 3.6 was released and our fear has come true… UAG is now the Super Edge for VMWare. Content Gateway, Tunnel, and now SEG are all part of the VMWare gateway product. There’s no question that its a very divisive product for true and not so true reasons, but let’s […]

Taking a Closer Look at ENSv2

This month, VMWare is releasing some significant changes to their embattled VMWare Boxer application (version 5.8). With that in mind, I wanted to take everyone through the Email Notification Service v2 along with the problem that it solves. I think we all know the challenges that are faced with using any mail client that isn’t […]