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Mobile Jon’s Top 5 Sessions for VMware Explore 2023

Mobile Jon's Top 5 Sessions for VMware Explore 2023

Well everyone, we are just about one month from VMware Explore 2023 in VEGAS BABY! With that in mind, I recently talked about one of my sessions at VMware Explore all about Neurodiversity. Today, I want to hit on 5 amazing sessions that I am legit excited about since that’s what everyone else is doing […]

Embracing my Neurodiversity at VMware Explore 2023

Embracing my Neurodiversity at VMware Explore 2023

This year, for the first time in VMworld/VMware Explore history Neurodiversity will be brought to the stage featuring myself, Jon Towles and Philip Monk. To say, we need your support is an understatement. My experience has shown that many companies tout diversity in the workplace. The sad reality is that sentiment isn’t always actualized. Today, […]

The Parallels between ChatGPT and ADHD

The Parallels between ChatGPT and ADHD

So, you may have heard this little product called ChatGPT appeared in recent months. Well one or two people might have used it and some company might have invested their couch change into it. Anyways, after spending time interacting with it, my time spent with IBM Watson, and living my life with ADHD, I have […]

Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking a Session

On average, VMworld or VMware Explore has attracted over 20,000 people per year. That is not a small number by any means. When it comes to the landscape of sessions presented at their conference every year, there are very few sessions that are not VMware-driven. A Mobile Jon-led session is something special. I recently wrote […]

Mobile Jon’s TOP Workspace ONE Session for VMware Explore 2022

Mobile Jon’s TOP Workspace ONE

We are officially 5-ish weeks away from VMware Explore. The content catalog dropped today, which I was waiting for to put this article out there. I’m also the very lucky winner of the People’s Choice Awards, thus will get to toot my own horn in this article. What better thing could there be?! In this […]

Guess Who’s Baaack?! at (VMworld)ware Explore!!

Mobile Jon's back at (VMworld)ware Explore!!

Four long years ago, I made my VMworld debut as I wrote about in a past article. It was a pretty crazy ride, which is where we will start this VMware Explore article talking about how VMworld gave birth to Mobile Jon. We will segue into talking about what my experiences have been with VMworld […]