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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Workspace ONE Experience Workflows: The Evolution of Mobile Flows

Workspace ONE Experience Workflows

So, I have been a busy boy when it comes to Mobile Flows. Last year, I wrote a neat article all on Mobile Flows. This year, I had the pleasure of bringing it all full circle covering mobile flows at VMworld in two sessions. I have been a huge fan of mobile flows for quite […]

LinkedIN Learning Elevates the WS1 Virtual Assistant

LinkedIN Learning Elevates

Recently, I discussed building the VMware Workspace ONE Virtual Assistant, which was a wonderful experience for me. One thing that I was missing was a more “assistant”-like approach. We are elevating this one step further by integrating the LinkedIN Learning Chatbot to empower users to access a variety of trainings quickly and easily. Please join […]

Workspace ONE Virtual Assistant to the Rescue!

Virtual Assistant to the Rescue

Recently, I wrote a nifty little article about Workspace ONE Mobile Flows which was super fun and appealing. Mobile Flows is not a new concept by any means, but VMware delivers it in an exciting way. REST APIs and OAuth do a wonderful job of delivering notifications and/or approvals to the Intelligent Hub giving us […]