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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Workspace ONE Hub MFA: Delivering Seamless MFA into the UEM Ecosystem

Workspace ONE Hub MFA

For those who have been using VMware Identity Manager for quite some time, we are familiar with VMware Verify, which was built on the Twilio/Authy API to deliver MFA. We also saw my article recently on the Duo integration, which is another spin on leveraging MFA. VMware recently released Workspace ONE Hub MFA, which advances […]

Seven Essential Traits of the Modern Workplace Engineer

Seven Essential Traits

Recently, I wrote about how engineers need a proper toolbox to be effective. I am going to flip that idea upside down and talk about seven essential traits that every engineer operating in the Modern Workplace should have. The six traits we are going to focus on (and I’m sure it’s subjective and you could […]

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy

Man Am I TIRED! That first section was a beast! I am so worn out. This new CIO is absolutely killing me! Alas, the job is never quite done is it?! Today, we will be moving onto building on our great work to build a story. Let’s be honest… that’s what the user experience is […]

A Case Study: Is Workspace ONE UEM the “More Cowbell” of UEM?

A Case Study Workspace ONE UEM

The phrase “More Cowbell” is well known to us all by 2019 and the truly special skit from Saturday Night Live. The idea is.. that we are “lacking something” in our lives and there is just one cure! MORE COWBELL! On a more serious note, we have used many MDM platforms over the years from […]

One Month into Dell Provisioning: The Good, The Bad, and the Interesting

One Month into Dell Provisioning

Hello everyone! So I presented at Dell World on Modern Management and spoke at length about Dell Provisioning and I have probably rolled out 40-50 laptops. With that in mind, I’ve learned many things (some good and some bad). I thought I would talk about my experience and provide some interesting troubleshooting you can do […]

Decoupling and Elevating Dell’s New Provisioning for WorkspaceONE

Decoupling and Elevating Dell’s

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend VMWorld and host an incredible session on Delivering Secure and Seamless Access to Apps and Data, which was one of the highlights of my mobility career. My 2nd favorite thing about VMWorld besides hanging out with my best friend (No Im not talking about VMWare) was the […]

Perfecting a Zero-Touch Deployment of MacOS via MDM

We are quickly seeing that convergence of endpoints in the technology space today. No longer is it about SCCM or MDM or the other million acronyms that make normal people cringe. We have quickly entered the world of “Unified Endpoint Management” aka UEM. VMWare has been this clear with their ditching of AirWatch for WorkspaceONE […]