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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

The New and Exciting VMware ONE UAG 22.09

The New and Exciting VMware ONE

Every now and then the VMware UAG or Unified Access Gateway puts out something fun. This week, UAG 2209 is delivering some interesting new capabilities. The last time I covered some of these new features was for 2106 a year or so ago. We are going to discuss a few of these new and fun […]

Enhancing your SSL Security in Workspace ONE UEM

Enhancing your SSL Security

Recently, I went through an exercise of tweaking ciphers for a few components in Workspace ONE. I realized that VMware hasn’t done a great job documenting how to tweak SSL settings for some of their services. Today, we will cover how to address SSL security for 3 services: Unified Access Gateway, Workspace ONE Access Connectors, […]

Unified Access Gateway 2106: Delivering a More Intelligent Experience

Unified Access Gateway 2106

The Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has been rapidly evolving to be a revolutionary security appliance. In UAG 2106, a few more amazing features have hit to move the needle. Today, we will cover 3 features that I am very excited about that have surfaced over the last 3-ish versions that every company should implement. We […]

Lessons Learned with UAG Deployments for Workspace ONE

Lessons Learned with UAG

The VMware Workspace ONE Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has continued to ramp up for VMware customers everywhere. We all need them now for our WS1 infrastructure whether its Horizon, VMware Tunnel, SEG, or Content Gateway. I’ve continued to see many customers not fully understand the right way to deploy a UAG, which we will cover […]

Workspace ONE UEM and Building a Global Strategy for VMware Tunnel

Workspace ONE UEM

Recently, I wrote a very popular article here, which covered how to build a UAG focused on all 3 Workspace ONE UEM components. At the moment, we have a small challenging dependency. The VMware Tunnel cannot be built for multiple sites at the top-level. This makes us need to be creative and thoughtful when building […]

Deep Dive into WS1 UEM Components on the UAG

WS1 UEM Components

Welcome Back! About a year ago, I wrote an article that I really enjoyed found here for a number of reasons. My son had just been born and I decided to build my first ever home lab. I learned a ton during that process and one of the things that I decided to take on […]

To UAG-finity and Beyond!

UAG-finity and Beyond

Recently, the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 3.6 was released and our fear has come true… UAG is now the Super Edge for VMWare. Content Gateway, Tunnel, and now SEG are all part of the VMWare gateway product. There’s no question that its a very divisive product for true and not so true reasons, but let’s […]