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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Workspace ONE Access Connector 2108: You Had Me at Virtual Apps

Workspace ONE Access Connector 2108

I remember fondly one of my first ever articles where I covered setting up VIDM Connectors and Workspace ONE overall. It has come so far over the last 3-4 years. One of the big challenges as we moved to the Workspace ONE suite was support for virtual apps. This week, VMware FINALLY released version 21.08 […]

Unified Access Gateway 2106: Delivering a More Intelligent Experience

Unified Access Gateway 2106

The Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has been rapidly evolving to be a revolutionary security appliance. In UAG 2106, a few more amazing features have hit to move the needle. Today, we will cover 3 features that I am very excited about that have surfaced over the last 3-ish versions that every company should implement. We […]

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Zero Trust Security

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Zero Trust Security

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at the VMware Anywhere Workspace event, which I wrote about here. This brought me to think about Zero Trust security a bit more. We often get stuck in this maze of inescapable buzz words. Zero Trust might be one of the more difficult ones to escape because of […]

Taking a Deep Dive into the iOS SSO Extension for Azure SSO with Workspace ONE

Taking a Deep Dive

Recently, I wrote about a new design idea eliminating all hosted infrastructure for a full Workspace ONE deployment. I really loved the idea because you can eliminate the need for servers, but the one gap that we run into is iOS authentication on Office 365. Today, we have found a solution leveraging the new Azure […]

The Spirit of the Anywhere Workspace

The Spirit of the Anywhere Workspace

Tomorrow, I have the great pleasure of speaking at the VMware Anywhere Workspace event. I thought about the “Anywhere Workspace” and believe we could look at the idea and demystify its intention. We will discuss what encompasses the Anywhere Workspace and how you can apply the concepts in your user experience journey. What is the […]

Is Workspace ONE Access Barking Up The Right Tree with FIDO2?

Barking Up The Right Tree with FIDO2

Workspace ONE Access has been an ever evolving platform since transitioning from VMware Identity Manager awhile back. We have seen some major advancements like their DUO API Integration. This past week, another huge step forward in VMware’s Identity Provider with the introduction of FIDO2. We’re going to discuss what exactly is FIDO2, configuring FIDO2 in […]

Refining My Azure-powered Workspace ONE Design

My Azure-powered Workspace ONE

In recent weeks, I wrote an article about extending my 100% cloud design to Azure AD Join. I have to admit that I am continuing to learn more about how Azure AD join operates throughout the operating system. This has introduced some problematic design decisions. I wanted to take you on my journey by discussing […]

Extending a Full Workspace ONE Cloud to Azure AD Join

Extending a Full Workspace ONE Cloud

Recently, I wrote a great article about leveraging Azure AD Domain Services and Workspace ONE to build a fully cloud UEM environment. This was a pet project of mine to build something special for small businesses that are primarily remote workers using Azure AD, but you could have a few people that are also hybrid. […]

Building Workspace ONE in the Cloud Powered by Azure

Building Workspace ONE

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, but the small/medium business (SMB) customer can often be overlooked. Part of the issue is that people don’t know their options and those options can be challenging to deploy. Another challenge SMBs deal with is limited On-Premise infrastructure. They would ideally prefer to deploy technologies leveraging current investments […]