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Workspace ONE Login Risk Score: The REAL Starting Point of Zero Trust

The REAL Starting Point

In our business now, we cannot escape the buzz word of all buzz words (Zero Trust). It truly is the “One Ring” to rule them all. Today, we’re here to introduce the gatekeeper of Zero Trust at the Edge known as “Login Risk Score.” I’ve written about my view of Zero Trust just like everyone […]

Filling the Gaps in Workspace ONE Access Audit Logs

Filling the Gaps in Workspace ONE

SIEM/SysLog integrations are one of the most important things in defending Cyber Attacks today, which provides intelligence to large organizations. One of the few VMware products that is lacking in that area is WS1 Access. Over the last year or so, WS1 Access did finally get some much needed love with their Workspace ONE Intelligence […]

There’s More than One Way to Skin… Workspace ONE MFA

There’s More than One Way to Skin

A year ago, I wrote about a new offering that VMware has called “Workspace ONE Hub MFA“, which is truly a major departure from VMware Verify and all of its nonsense. Recently, VMware has released a more modern approach to the program with “Authenticator App” following the vein of many SaaS platforms conforming to how […]

MTD Faceoff: WS1 UEM MTD vs. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

WS1 UEM MTD vs. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Last week, we debuted Workspace ONE UEM MTD Powered by Lookout. Outside of it being a very exciting feature set, we had some asking for a comparison of that platform against Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. We covered that product about a year ago here, which is another player in the Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) market. […]

Workspace ONE Makes History with One of the First Embedded MTDs

One of the First Embedded MTDs

I remember a time like 4 or 5 years ago, when I was in a meeting with Symantec, they asked “what would it take for me to buy Skycure?” I said, “embed it into the AirWatch Agent.” Because that’s the only real way to deliver a MTD in our privacy-conscious enterprise. Security through Obscurity is […]

Workspace ONE: Time to Level Up Our Security?!

Seamless Email Experience

Dont we just love how our vendors inundate us with constant emails all of the time? I know that I LOVE that! Sometimes that comes back to bite us. One of those times is now as VMware Workspace ONE decided to finally kill off TLS 1.0/1.1 (which is a good thing!). I wonder if you […]

No API to Block that Pesky MacOS Service? Workspace ONE to the Rescue!

Workspace ONE to the Rescue

So, you are getting slammed by your nonsensical InfoSec department with their irrational fears? You spend some time doing some research and you’re just so screwed! MacOS won’t let you remove httpd? You can’t block this or that? Who you gonna call? Workspace ONE to the rescue! This week we turn our attention to something […]

Elevating your Workspace ONE DEEM Rollout with Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center

Elevating your Workspace

Recently, I wrote an article about how Workspace ONE’s DEEM offering can really elevate your user experience. This week, we are going to discuss a great partner in the DEEM journey with the new Office 365 Apps Portal, which has grown quite a bit and is replacing the old legacy Telemetry Service. Elevating the modern […]

Enhancing your SSL Security in Workspace ONE UEM

Enhancing your SSL Security

Recently, I went through an exercise of tweaking ciphers for a few components in Workspace ONE. I realized that VMware hasn’t done a great job documenting how to tweak SSL settings for some of their services. Today, we will cover how to address SSL security for 3 services: Unified Access Gateway, Workspace ONE Access Connectors, […]