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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Deep Dive into Windows 365 APIs

Windows 365 API

As I wrote about recently, Windows 365 has a deep set of capabilities. Anytime you manage a platform, you should be thinking about how can I extend/push the limit of the platform. The answer to that almost every time will be the API. Today, we will take a look at the exposed Windows APIs and […]

Lessons Learned with UAG Deployments for Workspace ONE

Lessons Learned with UAG

The VMware Workspace ONE Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has continued to ramp up for VMware customers everywhere. We all need them now for our WS1 infrastructure whether its Horizon, VMware Tunnel, SEG, or Content Gateway. I’ve continued to see many customers not fully understand the right way to deploy a UAG, which we will cover […]

UEM Engineers Need a Proper Toolbox

Proper Toolbox

As a frequent mentor in the mobility/UEM world, I often get asked “how do I get to where you are?” or “how do I become better?” I suppose this introduces the whole nature vs. nurture concept in a way. My personal belief is that with the right “friends” you can be more effective. We are […]