It’s Time to Redefine End User Computing

Redefine End User Computing

I think we should get this out of the way: “You probably aren’t going to like this article or agree with my view on EUC.” Now, we can have a real talk. The bucket that is known as End User Computing is becoming a bit out of control. It sort of reminds me of when […]

Evaluating Intune Against Workspace ONE: Windows Edition Part Two: Apps

Easy App Publishing

In Part One of our series, we discussed the core functionality available in Windows on Intune against Workspace ONE. We are shifting our focus to a vital area: application management and deployment. Intune and Workspace ONE have drastically different viewpoints on application deployment, which we will discuss and evaluate. We will discuss the types of […]

Outlook for MacOS Finally Gets a Makeover

Outlook for MacOS

Recently, as I wrote about in my Ignite Article, Microsoft is finally giving Outlook for MacOS some proper TLC. It’s no secret that Microsoft Apps on MacOS are a bit of a poop show. It’s great news that they have made some major improvements. I thought it would be good to take a walk through […]

Changing UEMs Isn’t as Simple as “Get it Done!”

Changing UEMs

Executives in IT can often be a bucket of nonsense. They often just say: “Blah Blah Blah GET IT DONE!” One of the hottest things that comes up today is the whole Intune vs. your UEM debate. Some people might be getting pressure to move to Intune or move back, depending on your experience. We […]

Microsoft Ignite Day 1: 5 Exciting Things for EUC

Microsoft Ignite Day 1

I really enjoyed reading the first day of Microsoft Ignite. I say “write” because my nanny caught COVID so I’ve been playing daddy daycare. It’s a BLAST I assure you. I have to give HUGE kudos to Microsoft on their Ignite Book of News which is an exceptional idea. If only more companies like Apple […]

A Basic Overview of Microsoft Defender ATP

Basic Overview

So you remember when your CIO told you that you’re buying Microsoft 365 E5 and you realized your life is over? It can be very overwhelming when you realize that you now need to switch all of your stuff over to Intune. As I wrote recently, you may or may not be able to make […]

Decoupling and Elevating Dell’s New Provisioning for WorkspaceONE

Decoupling and Elevating Dell’s

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend VMWorld and host an incredible session on Delivering Secure and Seamless Access to Apps and Data, which was one of the highlights of my mobility career. My 2nd favorite thing about VMWorld besides hanging out with my best friend (No Im not talking about VMWare) was the […]

Mobile Jon’s 2017 Intune Assessment

Hi Guys, Gals, and Quadrupeds! Once a year for my amazing firm I do an assessment of Intune. I think it’simportant to take a long/hard look at things and just because its Microsoft doesn’t mean its overpriced and bad. Honestly, it has come a long way. I will talk about the basic requirements every one […]

Deep Dive into the Mobile Outlook Client

Hi Everyone! As I have written in other blog posts, the frustration of working with an unmanaged aka app-level managed email client can be a real challenge today. The first problem (being fair) is that most of them suck. It’s truly amusing how people after the fact think Good for Enterprise (GFE) was the greatest […]