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Six Exciting Announcements for EUC at Ignite 2021

Six Exciting Announcements

Last year, I discussed a few exciting things from Microsoft Ignite. This year, I am back to cover a few of the fun things that Microsoft announced that can really contribute to building a great user experience. Let’s get started and cover some of these great announcements. New Outlook Enhancements Announced at Ignite They announced […]

Microsoft Ignite Day 1: 5 Exciting Things for EUC

Microsoft Ignite Day 1

I really enjoyed reading the first day of Microsoft Ignite. I say “write” because my nanny caught COVID so I’ve been playing daddy daycare. It’s a BLAST I assure you. I have to give HUGE kudos to Microsoft on their Ignite Book of News which is an exceptional idea. If only more companies like Apple […]