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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Microsoft Ignite Day 1: 5 Exciting Things for EUC

Microsoft Ignite Day 1

I really enjoyed reading the first day of Microsoft Ignite. I say “write” because my nanny caught COVID so I’ve been playing daddy daycare. It’s a BLAST I assure you. I have to give HUGE kudos to Microsoft on their Ignite Book of News which is an exceptional idea. If only more companies like Apple […]

Building VMware Horizon in Microsoft Azure

VMware Horizon

Admittedly, VDI is not an area of expertise for me. I’ve spent the abundance of time during our pandemic on trying to grow my VDI experience. Recently, I built my first Horizon on Azure environment. Numerous clients have been asking their VDI firms about the new Azure solution and its validity. We are going to […]