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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Dropship to Home Provisioning has FINALLY Arrived

Test Device to Autopilot

A few weeks ago, we discussed how Dropship to Home Provisioning was on its way. Workspace ONE 2102 has started to rollout and now we can finally talk about how to complete the setup and test Dropship to Home Provisioning. We will take some time and cover how to import a device, configuring the cloud […]

Getting Ready for Dropship to Home Provisioning with Workspace ONE

Windows Autopilot

Recently, our friends at VMware announced the new features in Workspace ONE UEM 2102. One of the many ones that jumped out at me is Autopilot Integration. This is a new way to enhance Workspace ONE Dropship Provisioning for our remote workforce that I am calling “Dropship to Home Provisioning” which will let you connect […]

Evaluating Intune against Workspace ONE UEM: Windows Edition

UEM Core

Earlier this year, I wrote a very highly regarded article comparing Intune against Workspace ONE UEM which has gone on to be my top article ever. I’m proud to announce a 3-part series on evaluating Intune against Workspace ONE UEM focusing on Windows, which is really hot right now with Microsoft Endpoint becoming a major […]

Extending a Full Workspace ONE Cloud to Azure AD Join

Extending a Full Workspace ONE Cloud

Recently, I wrote a great article about leveraging Azure AD Domain Services and Workspace ONE to build a fully cloud UEM environment. This was a pet project of mine to build something special for small businesses that are primarily remote workers using Azure AD, but you could have a few people that are also hybrid. […]

Bending Dell Command Update 3.1 To Your Will

Dell Command Update 3.1

Last April, I took Dell Tech World by storm unveiling the next generation of PC deployment and imaging. Sure, Dell presented this whole Dell Provisioning concept, but I took it and decided that I would push the limits of what it can do. You can read more about that here Dell Provisioning at my current […]

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy

Man Am I TIRED! That first section was a beast! I am so worn out. This new CIO is absolutely killing me! Alas, the job is never quite done is it?! Today, we will be moving onto building on our great work to build a story. Let’s be honest… that’s what the user experience is […]

One Month into Dell Provisioning: The Good, The Bad, and the Interesting

One Month into Dell Provisioning

Hello everyone! So I presented at Dell World on Modern Management and spoke at length about Dell Provisioning and I have probably rolled out 40-50 laptops. With that in mind, I’ve learned many things (some good and some bad). I thought I would talk about my experience and provide some interesting troubleshooting you can do […]

Decoupling and Elevating Dell’s New Provisioning for WorkspaceONE

Decoupling and Elevating Dell’s

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend VMWorld and host an incredible session on Delivering Secure and Seamless Access to Apps and Data, which was one of the highlights of my mobility career. My 2nd favorite thing about VMWorld besides hanging out with my best friend (No Im not talking about VMWare) was the […]