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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Microsoft Teams Rooms: Starting to REALLY Put the SHARE in SharePoint

Starting to REALLY Put the SHARE in SharePoint

So, I know that I don’t often write about Office 365 and Microsoft technologies, but much like Broadcom (apparently!) I know how to diversify. I am mostly known for my MEM vs. Workspace ONE articles. In the Conference Room space, Microsoft Teams Rooms are picking up speed coupled with Microsoft Whiteboards. They look like this: […]

Why Microsoft Planner is an EUC Architect’s Best Friend

EUC Architect’s Best Friend

Collaboration isn’t just a 13-letter word. In EUC, we need to work together effectively. Far too often we straddle the fence between multiple departments and need to work together. Additionally, we need to organize our thoughts, plan enhancements for the technology we own, and build a great reference point for our achievements. Even if you […]