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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Evaluating Windows 365 Against Traditional VDI

Traditional VDI

Before I start, a simple disclaimer I am no Johan van Amersfoort aka expert in all things VDI. Despite all of that, I am here today to provide details on my PoC/evaluation of Windows 365. Yes, I had to look how to spell his name up. Even though I am an expert at speaking Dutch […]

The New and Exciting VMware ONE UAG 22.09

The New and Exciting VMware ONE

Every now and then the VMware UAG or Unified Access Gateway puts out something fun. This week, UAG 2209 is delivering some interesting new capabilities. The last time I covered some of these new features was for 2106 a year or so ago. We are going to discuss a few of these new and fun […]

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Zero Trust Security

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Zero Trust Security

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at the VMware Anywhere Workspace event, which I wrote about here. This brought me to think about Zero Trust security a bit more. We often get stuck in this maze of inescapable buzz words. Zero Trust might be one of the more difficult ones to escape because of […]

Getting Ready for Dropship to Home Provisioning with Workspace ONE

Windows Autopilot

Recently, our friends at VMware announced the new features in Workspace ONE UEM 2102. One of the many ones that jumped out at me is Autopilot Integration. This is a new way to enhance Workspace ONE Dropship Provisioning for our remote workforce that I am calling “Dropship to Home Provisioning” which will let you connect […]