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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Delving into the Ether of Android APKs to Answer Existential Questions

Answer Existential Questions

So, to start things off: Yes, I do know that #1 Android exists and #2 I can do a little bit of Android when the starts align. This week in a fit of craziness, I engaged in an opium-hazed adventure through Android OS and trying to figure out exactly WHY you can’t use endpoints with […]

Is App Config the New Standard in Office App Protection?

Office App Protection

In 2016, I spoke at AirWatch Connect on this new and exciting area within Office 365 called “Mobile App Management Policies” inside of the Azure Portal. The idea was simple: protect stuff, don’t make users sad. A few years later, Microsoft would introduce the ability to push KVPs (Key Value Pairs) to mobile devices to […]

Taking a Closer Look at ENSv2

This month, VMWare is releasing some significant changes to their embattled VMWare Boxer application (version 5.8). With that in mind, I wanted to take everyone through the Email Notification Service v2 along with the problem that it solves. I think we all know the challenges that are faced with using any mail client that isn’t […]

Breaking Down Workspace ONE’s Android SSO

Greetings everyone! So… most of us have learned a few things about Android in the enterprise environment especially in regulated environments: Ironically, in my career usually like 5% of our users actually use it and they are more vocal than the 95% of iOS users. So what do you do? I tend to follow a […]

Are weak QA processes the biggest fail in mobile?

Hi Guys and Gals! I’ve been thinking about QA quite a bit today and I wanted to blog a little bit about it given some of the fails we have seen over the last 24 hours. Many people in the MDM space have had their share of negative feedback for their MDM vendor regardless of […]