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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2021 Face Off

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2021 Face Off

Last year, we revisited Boxer vs. Outlook on iOS to see where they stack up. I know #COVID and all, but let’s see if they caught up at all or if Outlook is distancing themselves further on the race for the top email client on iOS. We will recap email, calendar, contacts, ActiveSync, user experience, […]

Workspace ONE Boxer is FINALLY introducing the Graph API

Workspace ONE Boxer

For those who have read my blog over the last few years, you know I have written several articles about Workspace ONE Boxer, such as last week’s article. I’ve been a long supporter of Boxer for On-Premise Exchange customers, but not really for Exchange Online users. I’ve pointed out several times that their lack of […]

Introducing Multiple Managed Accounts and Delegation with Workspace ONE Boxer

Multiple Managed Accounts

When we think about the evolution of mobile email and remote work, we can see that expectations are shifting. One of those crucial areas is around delegation and an elevated level of management. Today, we focus on a few key areas that are crucial for business users: (1) email and calendar delegation and (2) support […]

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2020 Showdown

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2020 Showdown

Those who frequent my blog are familiar with my multiple articles over the years comparing Boxer and Outlook. First, we will cover a bit of history. I was working in the DoD many years ago and I was struggling with s/MIME because Apple doesn’t check certificate revocation. The only solution that could meet these needs […]

Deep Dive into WS1 UEM Components on the UAG

WS1 UEM Components

Welcome Back! About a year ago, I wrote an article that I really enjoyed found here for a number of reasons. My son had just been born and I decided to build my first ever home lab. I learned a ton during that process and one of the things that I decided to take on […]

To UAG-finity and Beyond!

UAG-finity and Beyond

Recently, the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 3.6 was released and our fear has come true… UAG is now the Super Edge for VMWare. Content Gateway, Tunnel, and now SEG are all part of the VMWare gateway product. There’s no question that its a very divisive product for true and not so true reasons, but let’s […]

Taking a Closer Look at ENSv2

This month, VMWare is releasing some significant changes to their embattled VMWare Boxer application (version 5.8). With that in mind, I wanted to take everyone through the Email Notification Service v2 along with the problem that it solves. I think we all know the challenges that are faced with using any mail client that isn’t […]

Boxer vs Outlook for iOS: The Match of the Century

Introduction Over the last year or so, I have been going back and forth on what the best mail app is on iOS. For awhile it was Boxer because of terrifying security risks with the Outlook App and then back to Outlook after Boxer decided to stop working properly with notifications. Thanks to the product […]