Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

A Call for Community for the VMware Digital Workspace

The Mobile Jon blog has been known for a few things over the 5 years it has existed. One example is Workspace ONE vs. Intune articles. Another example and the reason for this article today is my writing about career development. I’ve written a few articles about the Life of a Mobility Engineer and its […]

Extending Okta Accounts to Workspace ONE via Just-in-Time Provisioning

This just in… It’s 2022!! Being 2022, we need to leave products and SCCM behind. I have been decrying this sentiment for years. Many customers are using Okta’s Universal Directory and their HRIS as a source of truth. With that in mind, Okta Provisioning is an interesting concept for these scenarios. Workspace ONE typically requires […]

VMware Aria: Mastering the Control of Your Hybrid Cloud

As you saw/will see today, the amalgamation of infrastructure that encompasses your vSphere environment, VMware Cloud, AWS, etc can be very complex. VMware Aria is your companion to support that journey. We have a major challenge in front of us that covers a few key areas: I think Purnima says it really well. Among those […]