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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

The New and Exciting VMware ONE UAG 22.09

The New and Exciting VMware ONE

Every now and then the VMware UAG or Unified Access Gateway puts out something fun. This week, UAG 2209 is delivering some interesting new capabilities. The last time I covered some of these new features was for 2106 a year or so ago. We are going to discuss a few of these new and fun […]

How to Turn Dumb Groups into Smart Groups with the Workspace ONE API

How to Turn Dumb Groups

Last week, I covered an interesting yet real use-case for the Workspace ONE API with migrating devices to a different user. The great thing about APIs is they can solve a multitude of problems. This week, I wanted to cover another API tool that I built recently for fixing smart groups gone awry. We are […]

Mobile Jon: Field Medic Using the Workspace ONE API to Fix Real-World Issues

Instant Office App

In the services industry, we sometimes run into “fun.” One of these “fun” situations is when someone rolls out a platform. They may have used VMware Professional Services or attempted it on their own and something wasn’t considered. I recently ran into one of these situations and sadly VMware Support told them “You can’t do […]