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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Mobile Jon’s TOP Workspace ONE Session for VMware Explore 2022

Mobile Jon’s TOP Workspace ONE

We are officially 5-ish weeks away from VMware Explore. The content catalog dropped today, which I was waiting for to put this article out there. I’m also the very lucky winner of the People’s Choice Awards, thus will get to toot my own horn in this article. What better thing could there be?! In this […]

Guess Who’s Baaack?! at (VMworld)ware Explore!!

Mobile Jon's back at (VMworld)ware Explore!!

Four long years ago, I made my VMworld debut as I wrote about in a past article. It was a pretty crazy ride, which is where we will start this VMware Explore article talking about how VMworld gave birth to Mobile Jon. We will segue into talking about what my experiences have been with VMworld […]