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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Workspace ONE Health Checks

Mobile Jon’s Guide to Workspace ONE

A question that I get every now and then from people are how to health check or validate their environment. I get this question for a few reasons. (1) Their PSO engagement was a few years back and they struggled to keep up with the evolution of Workspace ONE and (2) sometimes you just get […]

Workspace ONE Experience Workflows: The Evolution of Mobile Flows

Workspace ONE Experience Workflows

So, I have been a busy boy when it comes to Mobile Flows. Last year, I wrote a neat article all on Mobile Flows. This year, I had the pleasure of bringing it all full circle covering mobile flows at VMworld in two sessions. I have been a huge fan of mobile flows for quite […]

Elevating your Workspace ONE DEEM Rollout with Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center

Elevating your Workspace

Recently, I wrote an article about how Workspace ONE’s DEEM offering can really elevate your user experience. This week, we are going to discuss a great partner in the DEEM journey with the new Office 365 Apps Portal, which has grown quite a bit and is replacing the old legacy Telemetry Service. Elevating the modern […]

Six Exciting Announcements for EUC at Ignite 2021

Six Exciting Announcements

Last year, I discussed a few exciting things from Microsoft Ignite. This year, I am back to cover a few of the fun things that Microsoft announced that can really contribute to building a great user experience. Let’s get started and cover some of these great announcements. New Outlook Enhancements Announced at Ignite They announced […]

Previewing Some of the New Workspace ONE UEM 2109 Features

Previewing Some of the New Workspace

It is not often that I spend time to talk about a new release of Workspace ONE UEM, but 2109 introduced a few features that are really useful as mentioned in their release notes. Today, we will be talking about 3 features that I am very interested in. Those 3 items are by no means […]