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Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Unified Access Gateway 2106: Delivering a More Intelligent Experience

Unified Access Gateway 2106

The Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has been rapidly evolving to be a revolutionary security appliance. In UAG 2106, a few more amazing features have hit to move the needle. Today, we will cover 3 features that I am very excited about that have surfaced over the last 3-ish versions that every company should implement. We […]

Ten Can’t Miss Sessions at VMworld 2021 for the Digital Workspace

VMworld 2021 for the Digital Workspace

I have been seeing a ton of articles talking about the top sessions at VMworld and all I keep seeing is Horizon, Horizon, Horizon, Kubernetes, Kubernetes, blah blah. If you came to read this article expecting to hear about Horizon sessions you can’t miss then turn back now! Today, I am going to briefly highlight […]

Delving into the Ether of Android APKs to Answer Existential Questions

Answer Existential Questions

So, to start things off: Yes, I do know that #1 Android exists and #2 I can do a little bit of Android when the starts align. This week in a fit of craziness, I engaged in an opium-hazed adventure through Android OS and trying to figure out exactly WHY you can’t use endpoints with […]

Meet my Friend, Workspace ONE Intelligence. They’re fun!

Workspace ONE Intelligence

Once again, I take you for a trip through buzzword bingo. Of the many buzzwords are artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and the word intelligence in general. VMware introduced Workspace ONE Intelligence a few years ago now and it has had some growing pains. I’m happy to report it has matured into a solid platform. We […]