Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

VMware Forklift: Supersize your Change Management Strategy in Workspace ONE

One of my top 5 worst weekends in my IT career was courtesy of SaaS Ops at AirWatch. When I worked for Wellington Management, we bought a dedicated SaaS environment and refused to migrate the database/settings/or anything really over to the new environment. So what did Mobile Jon do? I spent several several several hours […]

Teasing the Top EUC Session at VMworld 2021: Magic Links Made Easy

Recently, we learned that Mobile Jon, like a phoenix out of the ashes is returning to VMworld 2021 with a session coined: VDI Nerdfest 2021: Demos That Make Admins Drool. I will be teaming up with ITQ’s Johan Van Amersfoort. Johan doesn’t need an introduction so I won’t waste your time there. Two of the […]

A Deep Dive into Windows 10 Sensors in Workspace ONE UEM

The world of Windows 10 and Modern Management in Workspace ONE UEM can be a daunting one. I’ve done some decent writing around Windows 10 like my article on Lessons Learned. One of the areas that I don’t see used nearly enough are Windows 10 Sensors, which Josue Negron/Brooks Peppin and the rest of the […]