Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Lessons Learned with UAG Deployments for Workspace ONE

The VMware Workspace ONE Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has continued to ramp up for VMware customers everywhere. We all need them now for our WS1 infrastructure whether its Horizon, VMware Tunnel, SEG, or Content Gateway. I’ve continued to see many customers not fully understand the right way to deploy a UAG, which we will cover […]

Filling the Gaps in MacOS Management

As I recently wrote in my widely popular article on evaluating Workspace ONE against Intune on MacOS, you can deliver effective MacOS management and design without JAMF. We all know that JAMF is the gold standard, but how can you close that gap? It’s not easy, but with some help you can secure, deliver, and […]

Why Microsoft Planner is an EUC Architect’s Best Friend

Collaboration isn’t just a 13-letter word. In EUC, we need to work together effectively. Far too often we straddle the fence between multiple departments and need to work together. Additionally, we need to organize our thoughts, plan enhancements for the technology we own, and build a great reference point for our achievements. Even if you […]

Applying the Agile Methodology to the Modern Workplace

Next month, I have the pleasure of speaking at the VMware Anywhere Workplace Event. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the Agile Methodology and how it could apply to the Modern Workplace. We will talk about what Agile is at a high-level, how it applies to […]