Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

LinkedIN Learning Elevates the WS1 Virtual Assistant

Recently, I discussed building the VMware Workspace ONE Virtual Assistant, which was a wonderful experience for me. One thing that I was missing was a more “assistant”-like approach. We are elevating this one step further by integrating the LinkedIN Learning Chatbot to empower users to access a variety of trainings quickly and easily. Please join […]

Workspace ONE Virtual Assistant to the Rescue!

Recently, I wrote a nifty little article about Workspace ONE Mobile Flows which was super fun and appealing. Mobile Flows is not a new concept by any means, but VMware delivers it in an exciting way. REST APIs and OAuth do a wonderful job of delivering notifications and/or approvals to the Intelligent Hub giving us […]

VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Flows and the OOTB Journey with ServiceNow

Many of us in the consulting game are starting to look more closely at Mobile Flows. If we think about it logically, Mobile Flows are the next generation of Microsoft Flow which has been renamed Power Automate. Mobile Flows introduces some challenges, such as OOTB (out of the box) connectors limitations, setting up ServiceNow catalog […]

Orchestrator Commands a Harmonious Synergy for VMware Workspace ONE

Whether you call it AirWatch, Workspace ONE, or many various expletives, the journey of deploying things in VMware’s UEM platform has been a tumultuous journey. We are going to briefly discuss the past, present, and future of deploying “things” in Workspace ONE to set the stage for a special new product. I mentioned Orchestrator in […]

Outlook for MacOS Finally Gets a Makeover

Recently, as I wrote about in my Ignite Article, Microsoft is finally giving Outlook for MacOS some proper TLC. It’s no secret that Microsoft Apps on MacOS are a bit of a poop show. It’s great news that they have made some major improvements. I thought it would be good to take a walk through […]