Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

VMWorld 2020 Digital Workspace Announcements

Just a week after Ignite, VMworld had the challenge of delivering something to be excited about. VMware’s marketing team wrote a nice article today about it here, but I think I want to scope it down to some specific items that I think are a huge deal for us. The question that I have to […]

Changing UEMs Isn’t as Simple as “Get it Done!”

Executives in IT can often be a bucket of nonsense. They often just say: “Blah Blah Blah GET IT DONE!” One of the hottest things that comes up today is the whole Intune vs. your UEM debate. Some people might be getting pressure to move to Intune or move back, depending on your experience. We […]

Microsoft Ignite Day 1: 5 Exciting Things for EUC

I really enjoyed reading the first day of Microsoft Ignite. I say “write” because my nanny caught COVID so I’ve been playing daddy daycare. It’s a BLAST I assure you. I have to give HUGE kudos to Microsoft on their Ignite Book of News which is an exceptional idea. If only more companies like Apple […]

Workspace ONE and Intune Integration is FINALLY Coming

I think it was a year or two ago when the long-desired integration between Intune and 3rd party MDMs was announced for VMware’s Workspace ONE. The concept is simple: use Workspace ONE’s Zero Trust Security concepts to feed Azure conditional access. It’s a very desirable culmination, which doesn’t force you to switch MDMs (much harder […]

UEM Engineers Need a Proper Toolbox

As a frequent mentor in the mobility/UEM world, I often get asked “how do I get to where you are?” or “how do I become better?” I suppose this introduces the whole nature vs. nurture concept in a way. My personal belief is that with the right “friends” you can be more effective. We are […]