Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Building VMware Horizon in Microsoft Azure

Admittedly, VDI is not an area of expertise for me. I’ve spent the abundance of time during our pandemic on trying to grow my VDI experience. Recently, I built my first Horizon on Azure environment. Numerous clients have been asking their VDI firms about the new Azure solution and its validity. We are going to […]

Lessons Learned with O365 Information Rights Management

Information Rights Management (IRM) is one of those lovely buzz words we hear at conferences. The idea is simple: “encrypt and apply permissions to a file and follow that file no matter where it goes.” The idea is great especially with Office 365 where most of your content lives. We are going to talk about […]

Is App Config the New Standard in Office App Protection?

In 2016, I spoke at AirWatch Connect on this new and exciting area within Office 365 called “Mobile App Management Policies” inside of the Azure Portal. The idea was simple: protect stuff, don’t make users sad. A few years later, Microsoft would introduce the ability to push KVPs (Key Value Pairs) to mobile devices to […]

A Basic Overview of Microsoft Defender ATP

So you remember when your CIO told you that you’re buying Microsoft 365 E5 and you realized your life is over? It can be very overwhelming when you realize that you now need to switch all of your stuff over to Intune. As I wrote recently, you may or may not be able to make […]

Boxer vs. Outlook for iOS 2020 Showdown

Those who frequent my blog are familiar with my multiple articles over the years comparing Boxer and Outlook. First, we will cover a bit of history. I was working in the DoD many years ago and I was struggling with s/MIME because Apple doesn’t check certificate revocation. The only solution that could meet these needs […]

An Enterprise-Minded Impression with iOS 14 after Public Beta 3

Originally, I was going to write something up about the new MDM controls for iOS, but they just weren’t that compelling. MacOS has some major improvements, but I felt this week we are best served with looking at iOS 14. My review is mainly focused on features that Enterprises care about so no Emojis or […]