Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Elevating the Corporate UEM Strategy

Man Am I TIRED! That first section was a beast! I am so worn out. This new CIO is absolutely killing me! Alas, the job is never quite done is it?! Today, we will be moving onto building on our great work to build a story. Let’s be honest… that’s what the user experience is […]

Optimizing WS1 UEM to Support Corporate PCs and Macs

Setting the Tone Well, its our first day! Let’s just say stuff is crazy! I’ll admit that my new boss has left me a thing or two to work on…. Time to Get to Work! In Phase 1, we are going to be doing some really special things. You will get to enjoy a number […]

A Case Study: Is Workspace ONE UEM the “More Cowbell” of UEM?

The phrase “More Cowbell” is well known to us all by 2019 and the truly special skit from Saturday Night Live. The idea is.. that we are “lacking something” in our lives and there is just one cure! MORE COWBELL! On a more serious note, we have used many MDM platforms over the years from […]

To UAG-finity and Beyond!

Recently, the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 3.6 was released and our fear has come true… UAG is now the Super Edge for VMWare. Content Gateway, Tunnel, and now SEG are all part of the VMWare gateway product. There’s no question that its a very divisive product for true and not so true reasons, but let’s […]

The Art of Adding Apps in VMware Identity Manager

After spending a few years as one of the pioneers of VMWare Identity Manager (VIDM), and speaking about identity a few times there is one thing that people often reach out to me about. They do great if the application is in the catalog, but once they get outside of that things get complicated. I […]