Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Mobile Jon’s 2017 Intune Assessment

Hi Guys, Gals, and Quadrupeds! Once a year for my amazing firm I do an assessment of Intune. I think it’simportant to take a long/hard look at things and just because its Microsoft doesn’t mean its overpriced and bad. Honestly, it has come a long way. I will talk about the basic requirements every one […]

Deep Dive into the Mobile Outlook Client

Hi Everyone! As I have written in other blog posts, the frustration of working with an unmanaged aka app-level managed email client can be a real challenge today. The first problem (being fair) is that most of them suck. It’s truly amusing how people after the fact think Good for Enterprise (GFE) was the greatest […]

Can a faceless man use FaceID?

Hi there! Yeah like everyone else in IT I am also a Game of Thrones nerd and that’s okay. I think the sheer amusement of Faceless men and Face ID is an entertaining anecdote. For those of you living in a cave, I’m talking about this guy! So moving on, I wanted to take some […]