Building a Windows 365 Custom Image

Mobile Jon’s WorkspaceONE Deployment Guide

Hi Everyone, I will be delivering an invaluable blog today that shows you how to build and deploy WorkspaceONE correctly. I won’t be like a vendor and tell you to go pay for consulting services or do this or that! I will show you how to do it at a basic level and deliver some […]

Troubleshooting Office Apps for iOS

Let’s be honest…Microsoft owns you and always will…just when you think you are OUT…they pull YOU back IN! This has become so much more complicated in this day and age. People think that mobile administrators are basically the peons from Warcraft. Do you remember the peons? I remember the peons! They think we’re these people! […]

An Enterprise Guide to iOS 11

Hi Everyone! There’s always tons of “What’s new in iOS 11 and blah blah” but no one ever focuses on what people in the enterprise need to be successful. I wanted to take some time and highlight some of the key features that are coming in iOS 11 that matters. We might as well get […]

Demystifying Kerberos Single Sign-On for iOS

Hello everyone, Well a few articles in and people still think I’m not 100% stupid. As we say in Boston, that is wicked pissah. I want to take a moment or two to editorialize what it’s like to be a mobile systems engineer in the enterprise world. We are MORE stuck with stigmas that almost […]

It’s more like In-ActiveSync!

Well, I have to admit I didn’t think people would actually like what I’ve been writing. I guess I enjoy playing a part in helping make others better. I’ve been to many conferences and it kills me how it’s so agenda-driven and doesn’t actually give people the information they need to be successful. I mean […]

A Mobile Engineer’s Guide to the DLP-ocalypse

I guess the tech blog bug has me in its inescapable web. I posted a nice 2000 words on Boxer for iOS and people think I might actually not be just a loud mouth from Boston so hurray for me. First off, because I’m not that pretentious and think everyone knows all these silly acronyms. […]


Well this is my first post, on my first blog, ever… So now that’s over with. I’m Jon Towles and I’m not sure why I’m here. I was a retail manager for a decade, got really lucky and wound up working in the great state of Texas for BlackBerry Premiere Support AKA DART. That was […]

A deep dive into AirWatch Boxer for iOS

So many people have now been backed into a corner with their unmanaged platform. We just need to look at the options people have been using for years: Good for Enteprise (Out of Support officially now) Touchdown (Acquired by Symantec a few years ago and will be out of support next year) Outlook for iOS/Android […]